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About IRD

ird_new.pngThe French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), an internationally recognised multidisciplinary organisation working primarily in partnership with Mediterranean and inter-tropical countries, is a French public establishment under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Foreign A€airs and International Development.

Via its network and presence in fifty or so countries, it takes an original approach to research, expertise, training and knowledge-sharing, to the benefit of countries and regions that make science and innovation key drivers in their development.

About the Ecology, biodiversity and functioning of the continental ecosystems (ECOBIO) scientific department at IRD

The ECOBIO department includes 13 research units and 286 researchers and engineers in Agrosciences.

The main scientific areas covered by ECOBIO are :

  • Ecology, evolution, dynamics and functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (Mediterranean and tropical regions) and living resources
  • Role of the environments and related organisms and of their interaction with each other in the functioning, adaptation, resilience of the ecosystems and preservation of the diversity facing global and demographic changes
  • Plant adaptation to abiotic and biotic stress and applications toward a sustainable food production

IRD and the Phytobiomes Alliance

"Joining the Phytobiome Consortium is a great opportunity that will contribute to build an interdisciplinary and global workforce to address knowledge and technological gaps for a better and sustainable agriculture especially in inter-tropical regions where we are working in close collaboration with our partners", Valérie Verdier,  Head of the ECOBIO department

IRD representative

Valérie Verdier, Head of the ECOBIO department


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