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Dec 2019 Update: On Jan 1, 2020, INRA and IRSTEA will merge to become INRAE

About INRA

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA) is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. More than 8200 people in more than 50 scientific fields in 18 research centers throughout France are working towards solutions to major societal challenges.

In the context of global climate change, INRA is strongly involved in the development of diverse and multi-performing agricultural practices in order to meet societal, economic, and environmental challenges such as adaptation to climate change, population growth, energy transition, agricultural chemical inputs reduction, or the sustainability of food systems.

INRA develops fundamental and applied research based on multidisciplinary and integrative approaches that involve the different actors of society including academic and industrial research partners at the national and international level.

INRA and the Phytobiomes Alliance

In this frame, INRA is contributing to the emergence of the International Phytobiomes Alliance, a place of debate, exchange and advancement of knowledge to analyze, predict and control the performance of plants in their ecosystems with the final aim of building efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Emmanuelle Maguin, Director of MEM Metaprogramme.

The Phytobiomes Alliance offers the opportunity to join and contribute to international dynamics around plant-microbiota interactions in relation to plant performance that will stimulate public-private innovative projects in this competitive field of research. Christophe Mougel, Research Director.

INRA representative

Emmanuelle Maguin – Director of MEM Metaprogramme


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