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About Evogene


Evogene Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: EVGN) is a leading biotechnology company developing novel products for life science markets

About Evogene's Ag-Biologicals division

Evogene’s Ag-Biologicals division goal is to improve agriculture productivity and sustainability through the introduction of microbiome based Ag-Biologicals products.

The Ag-Biologicals division is focused on the discovery, optimization and development of novel microbiome based bio-pesticide and bio-stimulant products through the use of its MicrobeMiner Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform – harnessing the power of BIG DATA and advanced informatics.

Evogene's Ag-Biologicals division and the Phytobiomes Alliance

Evogene’s Ag-Biologicals division sees a great opportunity to be part of the Phytobiome association. Combing industry and academia expertise will drive forward the understanding of complex microbiome networks and functionality and result in potential new solutions with improved efficacy, stability and commercial viability, driving agriculture productivity and sustainability”. Michael Ionescu

Ag-Biologicals division representative

Michael Ionesco, Director of Research, Ag-Biologicals Division



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