An Industry-Academic Collaborative Initiative

phytobiomesalliancegoals.jpgThe mission of the International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research is to establish a science and technology foundation for site-specific, phytobiome-based enhancement of the sustainable production of food, feed, and fiber. 

Phytobiomes consist of all organisms living in, on, or around plants (e.g., microbes, viruses, animals, other plants), and the environment. In establishing the foundation, the Alliance shall support research efforts that (1) explore the individual components and their interactions of agriculturally important phytobiomes, (2) integrate phytobiome system-based knowledge, resources, and tools, (3) promote a systems level approach to production; (4) optimize phytobiome-based site-appropriate solutions, (5) apply phytobiome-based solutions in next generation precision agriculture to sustain enhanced food, feed, and fiber production worldwide, and (6) educate and engage scientists and society
The Phytobiomes Alliance is an industry-academic collaborative corporation focused on building a phytobiome-based foundation for accelerating the sustainable production of food, feed, and fiber and assuring food security. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States.

The Alliance facilitates and coordinates international efforts toward expanding phytobiomes research consistent with the Phytobiomes Roadmap that was released in February 2016.   

Structurally the Phytobiomes Alliance consists of a Board of Directors, a  Leadership Team, a Scientific Coordinating Committee and Working Groups. 

  • The Board of Directors establishes the broad vision and scope and  management. It comprises up to 15 directors.
  • The Leadership Team is in charge of the daily management of the Phytobiomes Alliance
  • The Scientific Coordinating Committee consists of (1) leaders of various Alliance supported projects and working groups; and (2) Alliance organizational financial sponsors. Members of the scientific coordinating committee will identify the Phytobiomes Alliance’s priorities and develop the strategies for achieving the vision.
  • Working groups’ primary function are to lead and coordinate various aspects within disciplines and technologies and to represent these disciplines at the broader Phytobiomes Alliance level. Working groups are led by members of the scientific coordinating committee.
For information about becoming a sponsor of the Phytobiomes Alliance contact:
Executive Director Kellye Eversole at 
or Lori Leach at

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