About Phytobiomes

Phytobiomes consist of plants, their environment, and their associated communities of organisms.
  • Interactions within phytobiomes have profound effects on soil, plant and agroecosystem health, which in turn impacts soil fertility, crop yields, and food quality and safety.
  • Knowledge of the phytobiomes network can be translated into new tools for agroecosystem management.
  • A systems-level understanding of phytobiomes will enable us to sustainably and profitably produce sufficient crops to meet global demands while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
Studies of phytobiomes relate to the entire system of factors that affect or are affected by plants, including:
  • microbial communities (microbiomes) of the plants, soils, and animals
  • insects, nematodes, and other animals
  • plants
  • soils
  • environment
This entire system influences the health and productivity of plants, plant ecosystems, and all who consume the plants and plant products.