Coordinating Committee

The Scientific Coordinating Committee consists of:
  • Leaders of various Alliance supported projects and working groups
  • Alliance organizational financial sponsors

Members of the scientific coordinating committee identify the Phytobiomes Alliance’s priorities and develop the strategies for achieving the vision.

Coordinating Committee members

Name Affiliation
Matthieu Barret Project Leader, Radish Phytobiomes
Gwyn Beattie Alliance Board of Directors
Natalie Breakfield Sponsor, NewLeaf Symbiotics
Carolee Bull Sponsor, Pennsylvania State University
Amy Charkowski Project Leader, Potato Phytobiomes
Kelly Craven Sponsor, Noble Research Institute
Frank Dohleman Sponsor, The Climate Corporation
Kellye Eversole Alliance Board of Directors
Magalie Guilhabert Alliance Board of Directors
Sue Huse Sponsor, Indigo Agriculture
John Jacobs Sponsor, Bayer CropScience
Daniel Jacobsen Project Leader
Andrew Jones Project Leader, Climate/Weather Working Group
Linda Kinkel Ag Microbiome, US Research Coordination Network
Jan Leach Alliance Board of Directors
Steven Lindow Sponsor, American Phytopathological Society
Emmanuelle Maguin Sponsor, INRA
Christophe Mougel French Phytobiomes Network
Mihai Pop Sponsor, University of Maryland
Daniel Schachtman Sponsor, University of Nebraska
Scott Schaecher Sponsor, Monsanto
Angela Sessitsch Project Leader
Varghese Thomas Sponsor, Bayer CropScience
Sue Turner Sponsor, BioConsortia
Carolyn Young Editor, Phytobiomes Journal