An industry-academic collaborative initiative
focused on building a phytobiome-based foundation for accelerating the sustainable production
of food, feed, and fiber.


25 July 2018 – Phytobiomes Conference 2018 INRA Early Career Prize​

18 July 2018 Ag-Biologicals Division of Evogene joins Phytobiomes Alliance​

26 June 2018 International Phytobiomes Conference 2018 Keynote Speaker Announced

29 May 2018 Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) joins Phytobiomes Alliance

5 May 2018 Registration and abstract submission to the International Phytobiomes Conference (Montpellier, France, 4-6 December 2018) is now open

19 April 2018 – Press release: Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research Joins Phytobiomes Alliance

09 April 2018 Phytobiomes Alliance Newsletter

13 February 2018 – Press release: French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development Joins Phytobiomes Alliance

January 2018 – The Power of Plant Partnerships, a video featuring Sharon Doty (University of Washington, USA)

21 December 2017 Phytobiomes Alliance Newsletter

31 October 2017 – Press Release: University of Maryland Joins Phytobiomes Alliance

2 October 2017 – Global Engage blog Phytobiomes: Embracing Complexity to Achieve a New Vision for Agriculture

14 September 2017 – Press Release: Colorado State Joins Phytobiomes Alliance

22 August 2017 – PNAS article: Probing the phytobiome to advance agriculture

16 July 2017 – Scientific American article: Is This the Next Green Revolution?

6 June 2017 – Press Release: Penn State Joins Phytobiomes Alliance

19 April 2017 – Press Release: INRA Joins Phytobiomes Alliance


Latest Activity

Kellye Eversole presentation at the AAAS session "Phytobiome Research to Improve Agricultural Productivity"

16 February 2018, Austin, TX, USA

2018-02-16 Phytobiome_AAAS_Eversole.pdfEmbrasing Complexity to Achieve a New Vision for Agriculture