​You will find here PDFs of the latest presentations made by the Phytobiomes Alliance Leadership team and at workshops organized by the Phytobiomes Alliance.

We developed a set of standards slides for members to use in their presentations, please contact us if you wish to receive those slides in PowerPoint format


  • 24 February pre-conference workshop  "Defining Datapoints for Metagenomic & Microbial ClassificationDefining Datapoints for Metagenomic & Microbial Classification" , MicrobiomeMovement, Raleigh, NC, USA
    Outline: Plant-soil microbiome research is currently hampered by the lack of industry standards for metagenomic and microbial classification. This lack of alignment is manifesting in contradictory results when investigations are replicated in different labs and geographies. As such, there is a need to harmonize the methods and standards used to make industry and academic research efforts more efficient. The workshop gave participants the opportunity to understand:
    • How and why there is a need for defining a sequence-based classification system for microbes
    • The need for setting a common nomenclature for naming microbes
    • What minimum information is required to be reported on a genome sequence or metagenome?
    • How can these data be used to develop a better understanding of the plant microbiome?
    • How can we report soil characteristics and weather conditions in a standard way that will allow for more comparable results?
    • How might a census of microbes and checklist of datapoints to be reported help in the adoption of common regulatory frameworks worldwide for agbiologics?




  • 13 April Gwyn Beattie poster Phytobiomes poster_Beatty_April2017.pdfPhytobiomes poster, Sustainability Symposium, Iowa State University, USA